Outside Scavenger Hunt

Turn off your computer and take a walk outside!

Here is a list of things to look for as you walk and run around:

  • insects  (bees, ants, wasps etc.)  

  • flowers

  • sticks

  • rocks

  • birds

  1. Take a picture of each one with your phone or camera.
  2. Download the pictures to a file on your desktop.
  3. Go to TLC Tutoring Updates. (https://janiceintexas.edublogs.org)  Click on YOUR blog on the right side of the page.  Log into your blog by clicking on the small blue text below where it says “Password”.   ****YOU CAN ALSO type in the URL for your blog and then enter your username and password. But DO NOT type your password into the first login box.  Click BELOW it to see the correct login box for your blog. 
  4. When your blog comes up, click on the small title for your blog at the very top next to “Customize”. Then find “Dashboard” and click. 
  5. Next, click on “Pages” and “Add New”.
  6. When a new page comes up, click on “Add Media”.  Click “Browse” and open a picture file.  Now you can insert the picture into the page.  Do this again for each of the things on the list.
  7. Click on “Submit for Review”  on the right side of the page.

****Students who have a page with a picture for each of the things on the list will win a special prize!  (It will be delivered by Mousy, so you might be able to guess what it will be!)  


If you look hard, you just might see Mousy out walking, too.  Take a picture of him if you do!!