Homework: Fun With Writing

Change a Fairy Tale into a Tall Tale


For your writing homework:

  1. Find a copy of your favorite children’s fairy tale.  You can look online or in your personal library.

  2. Make a list of all the verbs and see if you can change them into more exciting, vibrant verbs.  Use your vibrant verb list.

  3. Next, think of how you could use exaggeration to change the actions of the villains and heroes in the story and rewrite the story.

    For example, in the story of The Three Little Pigs, the wolf could be Wonder Wolf.  He could huff and puff and create a terrible tornado!  The third little pig could be a Genius Builder (with a Ph.D. in chemistry) who creates a chemical that makes his house —



    doctor-a / Pixabay

Homework: Fun with Hyperboles

 “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!”

Have you ever heard or read this phrase?  Of course, we hope that no one would really ever want to eat a horse. The speaker or writer is just trying to emphasize the fact that they are VERY HUNGRY.

Writers use hyperboles like this to emphasize important points and to make their stories more interesting.  If someone reads this phrase or a phrase like it in a story, they will automatically “see” a picture in their mind that is humorous and very memorable. They will want to continue reading the story!

For Your Homework:  

Create a Tall Tale Hero of your own in ChatterPix.  Make a list of his/her special abilities.  Next, create some dialogue for your hero or heroine in which they describe one of those powers in one sentence which uses hyperbole.

For example, “I’m so strong that I can move mountains with my little toe!

***The character you create will be the hero in an original Tall Tale which you’ll write in the future.