Homework: Find out about a Texas Hero!

Pecos Bill

Pecos Bill is a fictional character brought to life in some folktales about Texas and the Old West.  He is another American folk hero just like Paul Bunyan.  The people who told stories about Pecos Bill really liked to exaggerate, too.  They made up some very exciting stories!

Click below to watch some movies about him:

The Adventures of Pecos Bill

More Adventures of Pecos Bill


For Homework, pick your favorite part of the movie and retell it in a paragraph or two.  Remember to use vibrant verbs!!!

Why do you think people made up stories like these? Why were these stories called “tall tales”?  Write your ideas in the Comment section for this post.

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One thought on “Homework: Find out about a Texas Hero!

  1. I think people made tall tales to teach others different lessons. Pecos Bill did many things like bringing a rain cloud from California to Texas by a lasso when there was a drought and that’s how he made the Gulf of Mexico. He also took a stick and dug the Rio Grand when there was a drought. This tall tale is an exaggerated, unreliable story. No person could have done these things. So this is why I think that this story is a tall tale.

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